Andrew Jimenez


Mr. Jimenez teaches fifth grade at FCA. He graduated summa cum laude with his Bachelor of Arts degree from Houston Baptist University's Honors College, in which he studied the great works of Western Civilization. Mr. Jimenez's early years were spent in Florida until moving to Houston some years before beginning his college education. Because he loves learning, he searches for opportunities to continue his education, whether it be reading histories and literature, listening to lectures, or speaking with the excellent faculty around him; he recently attended Yale for a seminar on Tocqueville. Following his interest in good works within the fantasy genre, Mr. Jimenez has begun a "Fantasy Club" for his 5th graders, where he enjoys reading seminal pre-Tolkien works with them after school. With the rest of his time, Mr. Jimenez enjoys eating good food, perusing art, watching plays and symphonies, and conversing with friends.