Brandon Misko


Mr. B. Misko is a graduate of the University of Dallas, and teaches Chemistry and Physics. He also taught Geometry for his first three years at Founders. Mr. Misko came to the Dallas area because he knew that the most beautiful and virtuous woman in the world lived in Texas, and so, he moved here from New Jersey and married her (Mrs. Misko taught sixth grade Literature and Latin for two years before leaving to care for their wonderful daughter Marianne). A short time after he came to the area, word of Founders inception reached Mr. Misko’s ears and he jumped at the privilege to be a part of the important and noble endeavor that is the education and cultivation of our children’s minds and characters. Mr. Misko has a great interest in a great number of things, and he likes to talk about all of them, which has the twofold consequence of being passionate about teaching and, if engrossed in conversation, oblivious to much of what happens around him. He is thankful to the whole Founders community, faculty, staff, and families, for the opportunity to teach alongside so many good and earnest men and women; and hopes to continue to serve this community for years to come.